Genesis Fitness Training is No Ordinary Fitness Program!

When you work with us, not only will your body fat go down, your strength, energy and endurance will go up.


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We don’t transform people with hours and hours of “cardio” on elliptical or treadmill machines.We don’t transform people with super-restrictive, starvation-level diets. Instead, we apply the latest discoveries in exercise and nutritional science. Instead of dieting, you’ll learn to eat “clean”. You’ll adopt eating habits that not only feed your body’s need for energy and building blocks, you’ll be eating to stoke your metabolic fires, and scorch off the fat that you’ve been trying to lose for so long. It makes me sad that the world is so full of fitness and health opinions that have no grounding in the current state of science. Some people still believe in endless running and extremely low-calorie diets in order to lose fat. But the reality is, that lifestyle will not reduce your body fat. You need something different.

And that’s what you get at Genesis Fitness Training. Something Different. Our Full Body, Metabolic Conditioning workouts will have you leaner and stronger than you have ever dreamed! Without jogging, or elipticals, or jazz dance cardio nonsense! The body you’ve always dreamed of, without the type of boring , hour-after-hour cardio that you always thought you had to do! Everyone has different goals, and I can help you regardless of what your goals are. I currently train moms who have just had their first baby, and professional MMA fighters. I train businessmen, and Marines. I train young ladies who want to look better, and older guys that want to feel like they did back in their 20’s. The first thing that you have to understand about working with me, is that it’s all about YOU. Before I create your exercise and eating program, I’ll spend time understanding your goals. Where you are now, and where you want go. The important thing is, your eating and exercise plan will reflect YOUR Goals, and YOUR Needs.


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