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Genesis Fitness Training

At Genesis Fitness Training, we don’t transform people with hours and hours of “cardio” on elliptical or treadmill machines. We don’t transform people with super-restrictive, starvation-level diets. Instead, we apply the latest discoveries in exercise and nutritional science. Instead of dieting, you’ll learn to eat “clean”.

That’s what you get with us. Something Different.

Our Full Body, Metabolic Conditioning workouts will have you leaner and stronger than you've ever dreamed! We work with everyone from moms to MMA fighters, businessmen to Marines, and everyone in between.

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Frankie G.

Lost 18 pounds!

Personal Training San Marcos

Carolyn Cruz

Finally hit the 20 pound mark!

Personal Training San Marcos


I love training with Genesis, his energy and passion for helping others is amazing! He makes me feel so comfortable and that was a big deal for me! He never judged me which allowed me to open up and be willing to try every workout that he asked me to do. I’ve always enjoyed being active and working out but Genesis helped me stay motivated and inspired me to keep going to reach my goals. Since I have started training with Genesis he has made me believe in myself like I never have before. If I didn’t move I would have trained with him as long as I could!!

Rosa G.

Lost 11 pounds so far!

Personal Training San Marcos

Anthony R.

Lost over 13 pounds!

Personal Training San Marcos


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