The Answer No Wants to Hear

The Answer No One Wants to Hear!!



The other day I had someone stopped me while I am getting my work out on. This gentleman asked me…” What do you have to do to keep your body so lean and muscular.  Or what you can’t do to lose it.”

As I thought about it…. The answer to those questions was food!! If I eat enough, I stay big. If I eat enough of the clean foods… I stay lean and big. If I don’t eat the enough calories …. I will be a skinny fatty. 

If I don’t eat enough calories but are still good calories…. I will be small and lean. He was like” that’s it?” I was like yup. Well that is not all of the picture but most of it!

At the beginning of my journey I was searching for some the end all be all to my muscle gains…As I got more experienced, I realize I was looking for something that I already knew.

 I believe that one of the reasons that the health/fitness/diet industry is bringing in more BILLIONS by the year is because people are searching for an answer that doesn’t exist.

The answer that’s easy.

The answer that tells them they don’t really have to change or give up a lot of what they love.

I’m here to tell you…

If you want a different result than what you’ve been getting, there’s no way around changing your patterns and behavior.

And that’s the tough stuff that keeps people stuck for years and decades.

Soooo much of that answer people don’t want to hear comes down to one thing: your nutrition.Want to lose overall body fat? Nutrition.

Want to reduce cellulite? Nutrition.

Want to improve your medical numbers? Nutrition.

Of course, exercise matters too, but nutrition plays the biggest part.

You know this to be true in your heart and in your past experience.

But making and sticking to the actual changes required is one of the hardest challenges people take on in the western world.

Because food is everywhere, temptation is all around us, junk food is made to be addictive, and so much of our social activity revolves around food…and usually not healthy food.

Food is fun. We express love and rewards in food. We help people through grief with food. Most of my clients food is heavily apart of their culture

The list goes on and on.

If you want real change that lasts forever, believe me when I say that the answer is your food.

It’s just that no one wants to hear it.

So, they keep searching, seeking…

For the magical, easier answer that just doesn’t exist.

Let me know how this is sitting with you.

If you know you’re ready for change and you know you just need some guidance and accountability to make it happen, Reply back. We have our trial week going on! Come try us out for a full 7 days on me!!!

Let’s tackle this thing together.

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