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Use September to Set Yourself Up for Success

For centuries, September has been known as the harvest month, when civilizations begin preparing for the winter and the next phase of life.

Let’s think about this month in the same way for you.

What can you do in September to set yourself up for success?

To get into the right mindset, first, embrace the natural changes of the season – and tap into the power of cycles in your own life.

  • Sunrises come a bit later each day. Sunsets a bit earlier.
  • Temperatures gradually ease down from the summer’s high heat.
  • Foliage changes color in anticipation of the shedding of leaves, all necessary for the ongoing cycle of life.

We take these things for granted, but they’re profound and inspiring when we stop to think about them!

  • We can see September as a time of transition, of letting go of some things while preparing for new circumstances.
  • We can check in with ourselves on goals we made earlier in the year, without all the pressure of New Year Resolutions.
  • And we can pause to refocus and recharge for the coming months.

Don’t forget to harvest – to reap what you have sown. Too often in planning, we forget to acknowledge our progress, and that’s another annual reminder that September brings.

Just look at all you’ve grown! here I some interesting facts about the history of September

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