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Creating health success through the holiday season

The holidays can be a time of joy.

They can be a time of feeling overwhelmed and frazzled.

And they can – surprise! – also be a time to focus and get important things done.

How to succeed during this time of year? Here are five tips to keep you merry and happy into 2023.

  1. Assess what’s important to you. And I don’t mean shopping! Count your blessings – literally. Write down all the good stuff – what makes you happy, what makes you smile. Write a long list as fast as you can without pausing to think. Then go back and edit it down to the top five or six items you hope to pursue in 2023. I promise it’ll bring you clarity.
  2. Consider where you need help. Here again, write it all out. In the brainstorming round, you’re not judging yourself or your ideas. That comes next. Do you need a mentor at work? A physical trainer? Should you take a night-school course on personal finance? These items should connect at least generally to the list of what’s important to you.
  3. Love the ones you’re with. If you’re with the people you love the most, that’s great. Be sure to let them know in word and deed how important they are. But it’s more than OK, too, if you’re with other people; just be sure to show them the affection and respect they deserve, as well. Fully embrace your circumstances.
  4. Give of yourself. Whether you’re just super-present for people in your life, or whether you volunteer at a local food bank… you’ll uplift yourself and others by volunteering your time, talents, and maybe even money. Giving freely with love and no expectations really is a gift that pays huge dividends to the giver.
  5. Take advantage of the time. Conventional wisdom says we don’t have any free time during the holidays. But for many, we have holiday-related pockets that we can put to good use. Read that big novel. Get your taxes together. Meet a friend for a workout. It’s your free time, so you decide!

The key to having a successful holiday season is mindfulness. Remember to be grateful, aware, loving, generous, and engaged.

Happy Holidays, for sure! If you want more information visit our home page here .

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