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Spring Detox

Spring detox can help get you back on track. I look forward to the forces of nature we see everywhere in the springtime. Rain showers, blooming flowers, greening grass… it all feels so easy and natural. Because it is, right?

In keeping with that, let’s talk about a few ways to enjoy the benefits of a gentle, renewing springtime cleanse for your body and mind. Nothing radical. Nothing that’s going to set you back in time or money. Just some no-nonsense tips to bring you in line with the times for a spring detox.

1. Get out. Enjoy some gentle time outside at least once or twice a week. Keep up your exercise routine, but add sunshine, fresh air, and movement to clear your mind and reset your connection to your surroundings.

2. Drink. With plenty of water, that is. Hydrating is one of the best, simplest habits to help your mind and body operate optimally. It also gives you that springtime glow everyone will notice.

3. Sweat. Turn up the heat on your cardio, enjoy time in the sauna, or do whatever you like that will get your heart rate up and pumping out those toxins.

4. Focus. If you don’t have a daily meditation practice, add one. If you do already, then see how you can go deeper.

5. Clean house. Literally! It liberates your mind and spirit to clean out the junk drawers, garage, and closets. Plus, it’s just SUCH a great metaphor for clearing out your mind!

6. Eat right. Visit farmers markets for local fruits and vegetables. Cut back on the overprocessed junk and fill your fridge with fresh protein and healthy snacks. Your body will thank you.

7. Express yourself. Write in your journal, break out your painting easel, snap new photographs, play music… Clear out your spirit in a productive, positive way.

8. Let it go. Are you angry or resentful about anything that didn’t go your way? Turn your face to the springtime sun, smile … and give it up. When you forgive someone, you feel better yourself.

9. Unplug. Seriously, can you go a day – or even a few hours – without your phone, the Internet, and news? Nothing is more toxic to our brains and souls. Turn it off! You’ll feel so much clearer.

10. Plan. Or, maybe I should say, plan LESS. By that, I mean you should look at your calendar and delete anything that isn’t important, joyful, or helpful.

Your former friend’s birthday party you’ve been dreading? Forget it!
Simplify your life, brain, and healthy habits whenever possible. Do it in a way that’s natural and respectful of yourself and your goals.

And when you need a boost of inspiration, just look outside and see how things are already starting to look brighter.

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To Your Health,

Coach Genesis 

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