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Incorporating self-compassion into your fitness journey

Incorporating self-compassion is important to set smart goals and work hard to achieve them.

Don’t go so far that you beat yourself up for any mistake. Remember to incorporate self-
compassion and resiliency into your fitness routine while still holding yourself accountable.

There’s a fine line between prodding yourself when needed… and berating yourself pointlessly.
Think of it as the difference between a request and a demand, which is obvious even though
they might seem similar in some ways.
Everything is a balance, and it might take time and self-reflection to continually find yours.
And that’s OK. It’s better than OK. It’s part of the journey!
So, yes, make plans – and realize you might not be able to keep them all perfectly.

  • When you stumble, learn what you can, make adjustments to avoid a repeat, and then
    forgive yourself and let it go.
  • Keep a record of your efforts, progress, emotions and mindset. Refer to it when you need
    to …
  • Remember the big picture. Consistency over time is the key to success.
  • Talk to a coach or mentor for another perspective.
  • Encourage yourself as you would a friend.
  • But keep your eye on the prize, too, however you define it. Again, it’s all a balance over
    The key takeaway is this: Your fitness journey is, indeed, a journey. It’s not one event, setback,
    or letdown. And you can turn anything negative into something positive or find a way to profit
    from anything.

It’s all up to you, the mindset you adopt, and the emotions you let sway you.

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